Monday, August 22, 2011

From Barbies to Babies

   I've known my cousin emily since day one of my existence. We may be 9 months apart but growing up we were inseparable. We went through all the awkward phases of life together... Like dressing like boys, having bowl cuts, and playing barbies well past the age that most people stop.

Now, years later, it is no longer our barbies going through marriage and giving birth. Instead we have finally reached that age where those things are happening to us (well mostly to her :) ). 
The short hair has grown out, the teeth have grown in, the toys have been packed away and a new life has been added to the mix. Welcome to the world Wyatt Peter Briggs!
 Crazy how fast things change. We went from playing house and make believe  to having those lives we used to play pretend about! And although he may not appreciate plastic, disproportioned dolls as much as we once did, I know Wyatt is gonna be one heck of a kid.
Congrats to Emily and Shane! you are gonna make swell parents :)