Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Got In A Fight With a Hole

..... and I lost. Well actually it was more of a ditch than a hole, but thats neither here nor there. Of course I would be the only person not to realize that there is a 2 foot deep trench dug along the edge of a sidewalk. But in my defense it was pitch black outside with out a street light in view.
I was walking along all casually when I stepped off the sidewalk and BAM! the earth fell out from under me. Or more accuratley, I fell into the earth. 
fatty lil ankle

 It may look like the hole complelety kicked my arse, but I'm sure I left it with a few damages of its own.... maybe.
Luckily Drew's family was armed and ready with oils, hydrogen peroxide, and plenty of pain killers when we got home. 
Hole= 1  Cortney=0   for now

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