Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Giving Thanks..... in April

I saw the most bizarre person while on the shuttle today.  There has not been very many sunny days lately, being that I’m in Alaska and all, but today was unusually warm and sunny. Now I am just as happy and thankful and everything as the next person, but the chick I saw today seemed to really want to express her thanks to errr mother nature?  
The shuttle pulls up to the admin and I look out to see a girl on her knees doing what I could only assume was crying because she fell. I was really off base on that one. Turns out she was crying out of sheer happiness and joy while thanking the sky and earth for blessing us with a beautiful day. I only know this because she got on the shuttle a minute later and explained to the person she sat by what she was doing.
I REALLLLLYYYY wish everyone could have seen this. I mean of course I am super happy its sunny and nice out but I simply wore my flip flops in appreciation. I am happy that this surprisingly nice day could make this random girl so happy she cried, and everyone else so happy that they had normal reactions like wearing shorts and going without a sweater. Let’s just hope this girl did enough thanking and crying to make the weather good all week J

Feels like 46°
Mostly Sunny

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