Sunday, April 24, 2011

Whale Talk and Bus Rides

So my post the other day was kind of a downer. I really don’t hate love, just had one of those days where I was feeling overly female ya dig? Unfortunately the other day during class I was feeling overly hungry and my stomach decided to let the whole classroom know. Don’t you hate how the only time stomachs ever growl is during a really quite moment in a room full of people? Mine chose to while a group of classmates were giving a presentation.  It honestly sounded like a whale cry. I could probably go swim in the ocean with a growling stomach and next thing you know there would be a pack of whales just chillin by my side.    
Maybe they will call me whale whisperer and I’ll get my own show on the discovery channel or animal planet.   
Even better I had an AMAZING weekend. Would you like to know why???? It’s because me and drew discovered the beauty that is the Anchorage public transportation system. A.K.A. the city bus.

I know what you’re thinking; there are tons of creepers on the bus! And you’re right, there is. But when you have no car and you are in desperate need of getting out of the house you will do anything. Even if it means getting the death glare from a lady with a baby all because the bus lurched and you almost fell on her. Yeah she hated me.
All in all it was a very successful trip. We ate at Denny’s then went to a movie and even got hot chocolate from starbucks.  We loved it so much in fact that the next day we took the bus again to get lunch J   As much as I dislike creepy people I equally as much have a new appreciation for the bus J If only I had a camera so I could better show all the festivities.
That’ll be my new goal.

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