Monday, April 4, 2011


I fell today. Hard.
You see when short people fall it’s not that big of a deal. They’re walking, and let’s be honest, they are already practically at ground level to begin with, so when they do take the plunge no one really notices. `     
            O look a short person fell… or did they? You can’t really tell.
But when I fall you notice. Everyone notices. When a tall person falls there is nothing graceful or quick about it. It’s like when the jenga tower finally breaks. Everyone sees it coming and they watch as if it’s happening in slow motion. And when the pieces finally hit the ground after their long decent everyone jumps back, startled as if they weren’t expecting this outcome. You see a tall person start to trip and you just know the ending is going to be brutal. I mean lets be serious, there is a long way between my head and the ground.
And being me, I of course fell when a large group of people were waiting for the same shuttle as me. How did everyone else make it past that invisible crack that rose 2 feet out of the ground? Because I rammed right into that thing and there was no looking back. Boom. Down I went. Just like in Jenga, except worse. You know, because I’m human.

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  1. oh look a short person fell! ... or did they?? hahaha cortney i love you!!!