Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome to the Gun Show

I was feeling really motivated today. So motivated in fact that I decided I wanted to work out. I even wore my workout clothes under my sweats and planned out my day perfectly so I would have just enough time to get the heart pumping.
Unfortunately I was not as motivated as I originally thought I was. When it came time to work out I was still feeling all ready to go but not so ready that I was willing to go to the gym.
So instead my workout for the day consisted of me doing abs on my bedroom floor while Jamie played me music and then doing lunges in circles around my living room while waiting for my waffles to pop. I mean at least I did something right? Perhaps not gold star material but who knows, maybe I’m just a super human and the smallest workout will produce a super buff me.
                  Next thing you know I’ll be lifting up cars and throwin them around no problem.

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